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    Each of us has a unique essence

    My passion as an artist is to capture it.


    In a world of endless photos and mindless curation, portraiture speaks of something different; the careful process of creating a painting with a life of it's own, brush stroke by brush stroke.


    I founded Portraitr to make the beauty of portraiture accessible. To make fine art without unnecessary gallery markups. At the heart of this is the belief in craftsmanship and quality.


    Paintings are for those who appreciate the value of living more thoughtfully and more essentially. With every portrait I hope to create something distinctive and timeless; something unique, something special.

    ~ Emma Elizabeth Hutchinson



    Linen, not canvas

    Materials matter. We use artist grade 11 oz linen, never cotton canvas.


    Linen is costly, but always the preferred surface for artists. The threads are made from premium European flax, which has a tensile strength over double that of cotton.


    The warp and weft threads of linen also have very low variance in weight. Woven together, the finished surface retains it's overall tautness and shape, creating a smoother and more robust painting surface. Linen naturally retains more moisture which prevents oil paintings from going brittle and cracking.

    Linen is primed with a layer white gesso.


    Cheaper, unprimed canvases soak up their paint, degrading the smoothness of the finished painting and reducing the radiance of colour. Gesso brightens the overlaying paint and gives life to the subject.

    Premium oil, bespoke frames

    We use premium grade classic oil paint by Old Holland.


    Old Holland Classic Colours are unique in modern oil paints. They use a medium of cold-pressed extra virgin linseed oil, still processed traditionally in windmills.


    The history of Old Holland goes back to the golden age of the Dutch masters in the 17th century. Today they are preferred by restorers and painters alike.


    Linseed oil gives optimum drying qualities, allowing higher brushstroke speed and increased durability. A very high concentration of pigment gives superior lightfastness and colour strength, creating a paint of unrivalled quality.


    Most artists buy pre-made stretcher frames (the frame underneath the canvas). It's easier and faster. We don't do this.


    All of our stretcher frames are handmade to order by Emma - she's a cabinet-maker in her spare time. It's more time consuming, but ensures that the portrait is framed more precisely.

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    Photo selection & discussion:

    You email Emma a photo for the portrait.


    Emma will ask some simple questions by email to help her understand your dog and why you're having a pet portrait done.


    Get in touch using the contact form below!


    Select your painting

    size & payment:

    All portraits are square. There are three sizes:

    • Statement - £695
      w:90cm x h:90cm
    • Lounge - £345 
      the most popular size
      w:60cm x h:60cm
    • Classic - £295 
      w:30cm x h:30cm
    Payment is via PayPal (Emma will send you the details).

    Painting and postal delivery:

    Portraits take time to paint - typically a minimum of six weeks.


    Regular updates will be made available by email for you to see progress.

    Once finished, your portrait is posted directly to your home address (currently UK only).

    Postage is already included in the price. There are no extra fees!



    Contact Emma using the form below to get started (5 spaces left for November portraits):